Wednesday, 13 March 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 107

Of course I have no intention to defend those Pack of Cowards who have been exploiting the weak, women and the rookies (foreigners are essentially rookies in the Japanese society compared to the native).  Should men from other nations wish to pick bones with the Japanese men, I’d say fair enough.  However, the means and manners can reflect on the bones pickers.

What I appreciate about the Westerners and the Chinese is that when they accuse or attack Japan, they do so as themselves.  For an instance, the Brits will criticize Japan as or in the name of the British.  The Chinese will attack Japan as the Chinese man openly.  This shows that they are confident men who do not need to snitch and solicit other manly men to the dirty jobs of undermining the Japanese.  I ended my last post mentioning this one Particular Group of men whose lifework is to slander Japan in hope to squeeze more money endlessly.  Like I said, I do not intend to judge quarrels between men, but the means this Particular Group of men have employed are so un-manly even from a woman’s point of view.  These men would often take a Japanese name, go to Japan or even overseas, and commit crimes or violate the rules and shift the blame on the Japanese.  I have even seen on You Tube a crazed man screaming ‘I’m Jappneeese!’ in the most atrocious pronunciation as they behave shamelessly in public.  We know exactly how the legitimate Romanians feel about their identity being abused by some non-Romanians.

Unfortunately the Westerners cannot tell apart different Asian races.  Frankly the westerners are not interested enough in Asia to want to know the background although some American scholars have done the research and have often voiced their sympathy for Japan.  Even the Chinese tourists who had been brainwashed with the frightful image of the Pack of Cowards’ in the military uniform are pleasantly surprised when they come in contact with the diligent Samurai group in Japan.  The number of their visits to Japan have been sky-rocketing.  However, these diligent Samurai men are not without shortcomings.  They are brought up with the idea that a man ought to speak less while women can chat on.  Thus the world may feel that the Japanese men have not offered enough words of apology on any matters.  This needs to be improved but I wish to point out that these diligent Samurai men have also kept quiet about the compensation payment or aid they have been giving to others too.  This trait has been repeatedly exploited by this Particular Group of men and sadly they are gaining upon us.

I cannot imagine what will become of us now that the Japanese government has finally lift the gate of immigration.  It is a wonderful concept but I cannot be so optimistic given the records of Europe and UK.  What I do know is that when things go wrong in Japan, and if those Pack of Cowards concede that some migrated men are too strong to tackle, they will turn on a single woman like me as usual.  I have always loved the Baroque history in France, but this may not be the only reason that I wish to stay in Paris despite her harsh reception.  Besides, most of the people who took an advantage of me were former immigrants, not the French.  The recent one was this European man who spent more than a decade in Japan.  He claimed to possess the good of the two worlds.  Actually he turned out to have the bad of the two worlds which gave me the glimpse of what might become of Japan.

To be continued.
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  1. There are good and bad in every race of human beings. Sadly that's just the way the world is.