The Goliath fell in the true horror stories in the modern Paris part 40

My full profile, if it was ever disclosed, would reveal all sorts of minority groups starting with my gender and race. Throughout my life, I have been harassed on many levels, but I lacked the stomach and power to carry out revenge.  This was a blessing in disguise because retribution eventually manifested itself which inspired me to share on this blog.  I quote many others before me: true horror is hidden within man.


Goliath has fallen.   The man whose name we must not mention is now disgraced.  Impossible has actually happened.  Many cannot believe that our Goliath who has won many accolades as the protector of the weak may be convicted of exploitation of XXXXX.  Why does this sound so familiar?   I never imagined that a man on the top of the pyramid of society could have so much in common with Mme. HARMONY, or She the hyena, but this is the man who allowed the restaurant from Hell to acquire a license despite opposition.  He first appeared in my series in Episode 28.

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 27

So back to this news that sent a shock wave through my quartier of Paris.  I could not explain why it felt as if a cloud had been blown away despite my problems persisted.  I cannot prove his influence on my struggle against the restaurant from Hell, but I cannot assume otherwise either considering the strange development of my old lawsuit.  The details in episode 30.

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 29

Anyhow, Goliath or no Goliath, the need to resume my pursuit for some amount of justice has arisen.  The restaurant from Hell has welcomed a third new boss after the last one shot herself in her foot.  Now enters Mr. MODEST and unlike his non-professional predecessors, he has many years of experience…in cheating the system, neighbors, and clients.  Mice came out from his kitchen for the first time in our building, but he told us to get a cat because all the restaurants in Paris have mice.  Get over it.  To his clients, he is all sweet smile while serving days-old food.  I know this because his principal chef cooks only once a week.   Empowering Mr. MODEST is his landlord Mr. PRIDE who first appeared in EPISODE 12.

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 9

Five years on, Mr. PRIDE still insists on keeping his powerful commercial appliances below my apartment instead of reinstalling them in the basement where other decent restaurants would keep theirs.  He must consider it defeat to spend a cent on improving the lives of others, more precisely of the poor while he accommodates the rich.  I am afraid anyone who rents or buys the small apartment above his restaurant would not be wealthy enough for Mr. PRIDE that their plea for his cooperation will fall on deaf ears.  I have seen enough to assume that he is capable of telling lies to new residents after me that I never complained, thus ‘You (the new buyer or the tenant) are making fuss unnecessarily, so get lost.’  If I do not fix the problem now, residents after me will hold grudge against me, and subsequently against the Japanese.  That will be too sad and must be avoided. 

Three years ago I insulated my floor and walls paying out of my pocket instead of fighting Mr. PRIDE and he was victorious.  And now he has breached the regulations that chimneys must be left alone.  Machines that run on a motor placed inside or connected to a chimney spread vibration noise throughout the building that no amount of insulation can suppress it, thus it is prohibited by the articles of association of the owners.  Unfortunately, nothing is sacred for Mr. PRIDE and once again I am forced into the corner and must either perish or fight back.  Will the absence of the Goliath make a difference this time around?  

As you might guess I have taken steps for this second round, but I cannot upload updates until I have obtained some results, bad or good.  In the meantime, I shall be uploading my graphic novel The Third Red Apple –The Rules of Retribution while occasionally updating The True Horror Stories series to share incidents both mysterious and horror that I have experienced.  Please, forgive me for recycling my past links to upload new content.  Google refuses to index my new links because of a Redirect error which I have no idea how to fix it.  Thus I had to reuse my existing indexed links to upload the new content for now, but I will contact a professional to fix this Redirect Error.  I must also delete the massive amount of outdated links that waste everyone’s time.   Blogging life should not be this hard…

Mirror that reflects your soul

I have been advised that I may deserve compensation from Mr. PRIDE or even Mme. HARMONY.  I would agree that children and some adults whose ability to rebuild their lives permanently destroyed should be compensated.  However, I have witnessed the curse of ‘compensation’ on several occasions.  One was this man in Sydney, Australia.  As he entered his grandma’s room, a certain heaviness would spread and oppress me. He smiled a lot, but meaninglessly which always put me on guard rather than feeling warmed by it.   He dressed youngish but on a closer look, you would notice wrinkles on his face.  In short, something about him was not right.   

His left arm was temporarily immobile for he had an accident.  ‘Of course, he needs to be compensated’, said his grandmother.  The peculiar thing was that it was his third accident.  Each time he was paid compensation which enabled him to buy a house despite he was merely a wanna-be-musician surviving on odd jobs, mostly delivery jobs on a bike.  You would think he would be deterred from a job that would expose him to traffic after so many road accidents.  But no, this man just smiled saying, ‘it’ll be all right.’  As I looked into his eyes which were neither innocent nor courageous I felt nauseated.  Soon he had his fourth accident and his neck was injured. 

I may be wrong to assume that he became a compensation junkie, but it is safe to conclude that his music career suffered from his false sense of financial security provided by all those compensation money.  It deprived him of the alertness that all great musicians should have.  Drop-dead aura thrives on a sharp mind.  Our Mr. Compensation could have been gifted, but his sense was rendered dull by the choices he made.  

Victims can cease being victims only by growing out of it on their own (unless permanently damaged).  After victims have received compensation to recoup their loss, they will still remain ‘victims’ only aided by the handouts from the perpetrators.  Being weak is sad I know, but it is not a license to gain profit either.  Being careless or lacking the power to defend himself before falling a victim does not merit a medal, but climbing out of the hole on one’s own does.  Respect cannot be demanded nor obtained through compensation which is a nicer term for pity money.  One needs to grow as a person first and this I tell myself every time life becomes hard.  It is easier said than done, of course.