Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris and Bucharest part 110

The new chapter of this true horror series opens up with a gruesome death of one woman in Bucharest where I spent the last 10 days.  In this day of age murder cases have rendered us jaded but this one hit me hard because the victim was an Asian woman.  It shocked me even more that local press bashed the victim instead of the predator as 'the young woman should have known better'.  Her parents were furiously blamed for having raised a stupid daughter that they could not seek for an apology, let alone sue the organization that sent their daughter to the death trap.  Even though it happened in 2012, I did not know about this tragedy for 6 years

However, after sighting the crime scene in Bucharest and having gathered more information, I could see that the young woman was exercising as much precaution as possible in a Japanese way.  I shall thus refer to her as Miss J despite I've read her real name in several articles in Japanese, but the case seems to be totally forgotten in Romania.  At least my Romanian guide did not know about it but the other guide who was a Japanese knew everything about the case of Miss J.  Though my horror experiences with tradesmen in Paris did not end as nearly as bad as her case, I still share the similar Japanese woman thinking as Miss J that I felt utterly sick in my stomach the entire trip in Romania.  The least I could do now as a sister of the same nationality is to prove that she was doomed, not a careless fool, by comparing my experience with that of Miss J, step by step.

Of all the tradesmen who ripped me off, the last one took the cake.  He dared to sexually harass me to scare me into accepting his price.  He must have caught on in the long years he spent in Japan that the Japanese women's strong sense of obligation can be exploited to manipulate us into submission.  We are raised as not to suspect of agenda when the gentleman may simply be acting kind…The old habits are hard to break and I did agree to pay him additional fees (after the quote had been agreed upon.)   Most likely his former women clients did the same because this Japanese speaking tradesman must have appeared like a God-sent in Paris where dark side creeps up on you should you choose to stay long.  He had advertised his business on the site of the Japanese association in Paris without having paid the due fees for many years.  His talk of being a friend of Japanese people was a sham.  I shall refer to him as Mr. Sincerity. 

However, the attacker of Miss J was far more sinister.  I shall refer to him as Mr. R (because he was from Romania) who had already been suspected of murdering several local women.  And yet he was allowed to roam free because the Romanian police grudged the expense of DNA test which would have caught him before he could offend more.  My tour guide informed me that the Romanian police did fire all the squad who were responsible for failing to put away Mr. R, but only after the brutal murder of Miss J who was barely 20 years old.

Sexual harassment or abuse may be carried out by men, but some women make use of the base instinct of man as a mean to ruin her rival woman.  Such was suspected as the motive of one woman who concocted the itinerary from Hell which put Miss J at grave risk…on purpose.   I shall refer to her as Miss Charity whose photo was uploaded shortly after the death of Miss J by many Japanese bloggers who smelt foul play.

To be continued.
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