Tuesday, 7 May 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris and Bucharest part 111

It has been a long while since the surge of Feminism awareness, but it has not completely been realized.  Women blame this on men's guarding their privileges, but at least men are very much united on this.  Women however often care more for her own advancement than her fellow sisters collectively.  If there was one spot to take, there would be at least one woman who would be scheming against other female colleagues while male counterparts watch on, quite amused.

Miss J who met the tortuous end in Romania was attractive.  The articles about her all said that she had been very popular among young men in this University in Tokyo.  In the photos she looks indeed charming and feminine, and most of all happy.  She was from a good family and yet did not look spoiled.  Instead you could sense her sense of obligation.  Unfortunately this sense of obligation made her agree to the fatal itinerary concocted by Miss Charity, the woman who was noted to be a complete opposite to Miss J on so many levels.  There are not many photo of Miss Charity around while there are plenty of the photos of Miss J.  The fact the more people took photos of Miss J than Miss Charity, we can assume that Miss J was the popular one of the twos like the media claimed.  The verdict of the internet comments section was that Miss Charity was 'ugly and nasty looking'.  I would not judge her on her looks, but indeed I found the facial expression of Miss Charity reflective of her attitude.

How did those two women from the opposite ends meet?  There was this club that organised global part-time jobs for the students in Japan with the aim of deepening a global understanding among young people.  The problem was that this club was run by amateurs, not professional tour organisers.  Thus there she was, Miss Charity who was in charge of putting together jobs and travel itinerary for the members.  She must have known that she held the fate of Miss J in her palm.  The Romania media blamed Miss J of stupidity, but initially Miss J had requested another destination where she had some knowledge of.  However, Miss Charity suddenly changed the destination to Romania at the last moment.  Miss J hesitated, even fell ill from stress upon learning that the flight would land her at Bucharest late at night from where upon she would have to find her own transport to the North Station in the city center.  Now this North Station is the one notoriously situated close to the entry to the underworld of Romania.  Drug addicts and low lives.  If this was not enough, Miss J was to catch a night train to a countryside at midnight.  03:00 am was the time she would have reached her final destination where she was to teach Japanese to the young Romania students.  Miss J stood no chance with such an itinerary riddled with danger, courtesy of Miss Charity.

Still, it may have worked if a local person from the school had come to meet her at the airport.  But this was not to be because Miss Charity had changed the schedule too close to the date that the person who would have come was occupied elsewhere.  Miss J fearful of the dangerous prospect, started crying.  What angered the Japanese community later on was that Miss Charity remained totally unmoved by the tears.  Miss J wrote in her own twitters account that she was strongly persuaded to go.  Miss Charity would be smart enough to appeal to Miss J's sense of obligation.  The Club had gone to this much length to organize the travel and accommodations that it would be rude to reject the plan now and render the work as waste of time.  Think of the cancellation fees.  Have faith in the people of Romania...

The count down to one horrendous rape and killing had started.

To be continued.
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  1. It's not looking good for Miss J.

  2. I feel the need to vindicate Miss J who was blanded 'stupid Japanese girl' by Romanian media unfairly.