Friday, 7 June 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris and Bucharest part 113

My old modem has gone off that I do not have regular access to WIFI until the new one arrives.  I hope the problem will solve soon because I feel so vulnerable in this NO-WIFI environments that I must rely on internet cafes.

Miss J also felt utterly vulnerable when her plane landed in the Bucharest airport on that fatal day.  She was completely out of her comfort zone.  Away from Japan known to be one of the safest countries in the world, deprived of means to communicate.  Her English would have been useless.  I know so because the Japanese are not born with the DNA that would have helped us in mastering foreign languages.  (I am one of the exception who is in turn is pathetic at mathematics, something most Japanese are known to excel at) 

The first thing Miss J would have done it to withdraw local cash from ATM in the airport.  She would not have succeeded in it because I have also tried my credit cards issued in Japan there in the Bucharest Airport and it did not work.  The cash was only dispensed after I switched to my French bank cards.  I was relieved, but no such a comfort for Miss J who was met with an ATM that did not give her local cash.  She may have tried many times while time slipped away. 

Miss J finally gave up and searched for a shuttle bus to the central station in the city.  She arrived there in time only to discover that the bus last bus had left before the schedule.  The driver wanted to go home and did not care if his action jeopardized the plan of the potential passengers, or in this case the future of Miss J.  The shadow of Communism continues to cash a shadow in the mind of the Romanians despite the government may have gone democratic.  The mind frame of communism is that one will not be rewarded for a job well done.  So why would the workers want to try to do well?

The camera at the airport recorded Miss J visibly in shock and dismay at the bus stop.  Her panic was palpable and a vulture smelled weakness.  A stout built man approached Miss J with a smile.  He had a boyish face which did not alarm Miss J.  You may say why did Miss J was foolish enough to trust a stranger.  To that I answer that I would have done the same thing because Japanese women are so skeptical of male taxi drivers.  I myself have been ripped off almost all the time by male taxi driver that I avoid them at all cost.  I have been threatened to be left in a deserted place with my luggage while my departure time at the airport was fast approaching in Korea.  I was subjected to a sex talk by an Indian taxi driver that I was almost ready to jump out the taxi in Australia.  In Paris, a taxi driver did something to the meter when he saw me which made the meter rise at every second in Paris.  A Japanese taxi driver in Kyoto took the one way road and used it as an excuse to do a round about tour.  So…I would rather crawl than take a taxi and I would not be surprised if Miss J shared the same phobia.

So when a nice looking gentleman (Mr. R in this blog) offered to share a taxi with Miss J to the central station in the city, she would have been relieved that she would not be alone with a taxi driver.  The Romania media condemned her for not having taken a ticket from the official taxi ticket vender, but when I looked around the Bucharest airport, it was small and was not that easy to find for a new comers.  Remember, Miss J was already in panic for having missed the shuttle bus.   Besides, Miss J would have read in the guide book that even the official taxi drivers had been know to rip off tourists.   Miss Harmony who had regarded Miss J as her rival, arranged this risky night travel after abruptly cancelling the tickets that would have landed Miss J safely in Wien, Austria.

The camera in the Bucharest airport captured Miss J entering a taxi with Mr. R who had been arrested for violence and even homicide, but not yet apprehended because the Romania police officer begrudged the cost of the expensive DNA test of evidence.  Miss J was slim and sweet looking girl.  She was too young to suspect that this man and the taxi driver were a team.

To be continued.
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  1. Things are not looking good for poor Miss J.

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