Friday, 14 June 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris and Bucharest part 114

I am in the process of reporting the misfortune of Miss J at Bucharest, but I could not help wondering if the Romanian press may have been kinder had she not been an Asian woman.  'They are all whores, u'know, those Asians', so uttered Lord Sewel while being taped sniffing drugs.  He was caught donning a pair of red bras, but as the title Lord indicates, he is well respected man in the Untied Kingdom and perhaps his opinions are supported too.  It is not better in Germany either where a video advertisement showing an Asian woman paying money to sniff the dirty underwear of a German bloke.  

The Ad did not specify the nationality of the role, but the background setting was that of Japan.  The producer was unapologetic claiming the video was created based on his research.   Now, unless he had been badly jilted by a Japanese woman we had done nothing wrong to this producer.  Maybe this is why he targeted us because his research would have informed him that Japanese women are raised to suffer in silence (at least up to my generation.)  Indeed, it was the Korean and the Chinese women who raised their voice to denounce the uncouth video.   Had it not been for them, the producer may have gotten away it.  Besides, slant as our eyes are, Asian women can still discern the handsome from the mediocre looking Caucasian men.  Atrocious our pronunciation of English, French, Germany, etc. may be, we can still tell when the white men are lying to appear successful in hopes that we Asian women won't know better. 

However, I am also aware that there was a time when Asian women also contributed to this defamation through either working as household servants under the white mistresses, marrying a white senior man for Visa, or in the worse case, being exported to the west by their pimps.   Therefore, I can tolerate discrimination from the older people, but the modern generations ought to be aware that the new Chinese are so rich that they can hire a group of servants themselves.  I remember that this town called Bondi Junction in Australia was suddenly bought by the Chinese money that the majority of the white employees were replaced by the Chinese staff virtually overnight in the year 2014. 

The economical boom has sadly passed for Japan, but it is safe to say that Japanese servants, or prostitutes would not need to leave Japan where they would be paid well, if not better.  This I expected this Tradesman to know after he had spent 15 years working in Japan.  'I love Japanese people who taught me to do jobs well caring for the details!'  (Hereafter referred to as Mr. Treasure as his favorite phrase was 'all my customers are my treasure')  Surely, he would know that one thing the Japanese women seek outside Japan is recognition for their intellect.  

This is still hard to find in Japan.  Even our new Empress Masako was long forced to live a semi-confined life as a punishment for bearing only a princess.  That she was a graduate of Harvard University and Tokyo University (the most elite institution) had been brushed aside until President Trump and Mme. Melania praised the beautiful command of English of the Empress Masako.  Thanks to them, the Japanese media has finally acknowledged the true worth of our hereto wronged Empress.  It was not just men because  the ladies nearby lifted not a single finger to the Royal Highness Masako.  I want the readers to know that this blog is not about man-bashing.  Women have been just as guilty of gender discrimination.  

Now I would not dare to compare myself to Empress Masako, but I expected that Mr. Treasure would treat me fairly decently.   He showed me the recommendations from his Japanese clients to reassure me.  In hindsight I should have noted that they were all men, but he was son of an immigrant, an outsider to the French society like myself.  He was sympathetic that my woman architect had let me down.  'I'll come and make you the real pasta to cheer you up!'  Mr. Treasure bellowed with a friendly smile.  I temporarily forgot that in Paris, the enemy of an immigrant was other immigrants.

It was not long before it became clear that Mr. Treasure's affection for Japanese clients was fake.  As soon as his workers went home, Mr. Treasure took advantage of the fact we were alone and grabbed me to kiss.  I turned away so his lips would not touch mine, but the yucky sensation on my cheeks and neck followed.  His one hand sneaked under my shirt to touch my back skin while his other hand searched for my breast.  The man was twice my size.  My 2018 was looking to become my worst Christmas ever.

To be continued.
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  1. It was a close call. I am not a shallow woman who judges men by their appearance. I expect men to judge me by my brain thus I too judge men by their brain.