Thursday, 26 December 2019

Unexpected Christmas gift from the true horror stories in Modern Paris part 118

Today's gift is the reassurance that Karma may exist after all.  It has been a long time since my last update, but our restaurant from Hell, its operation has been suspended for months.  

It is not yet closed down because their noisy refrigerators and freezers were left switched on.  I know it because I can still hear the dreadful mechanical noise if I move part of my insulation material a little.  The bloody restaurant had installed a gigantic refrigerator which the authority would have prohibited on the ground that it was not proportional to the size of the kitchen.  Also such a modern refrigerator was not suited to an old building made of rock walls because the old rock walls transfer noise more efficiently than cement walls.  The regulations were meant to protect the living standard of the neighbors surrounding the restaurants, but of course, our bloody restaurant manager could not care less about their neighbors and the monstrous refrigerator was installed.  Their friend in the high place made sure that no surprise inspections would take place and that any inconvenient report to the authority against them would be crushed.

However, there is one authority almost always reliable to be mightier than any other authorities: Taxation office.  The rumor has it that the taxation office is onto our restaurant from Hell.  I am not at all surprised having witnessed their cheating behaviors.  It may have started with small things such as serving their clients powdered potato under the claim of being a fresh market food restaurant.  I know this because boxes of Knorr dried mush potatoes were seen delivered early in the mornings…before the tourists arrived.  The list went on that I nearly lost my faith in the code of my ancestors.

One of the codes revered among the ancient warriors in Japan is '…letting the enemy gain all that he or she desires'.  It is based on the doctrine that we human are not capable of wishing what is good for us.  In life, we tend to indulge ourselves if things go our way.  Thus I ceased fighting the restaurant and opted to pay for all the insulation materials out of my own pocket.  My intention was to stay and prevent other unsuspecting French tenants to be trapped in this apartment above the restaurant from Hell, but my silence still served the bloody restaurant well.  Too well that it may have accelerated their cheating attitude.  They still must pay rent for the venue even during the forced suspension months and their fake good reviews will lose their validity after so many months of non-operation.   The  restaurant will still reopen someday, hopefully as a law abiding institution instead of Hell, but definitely under a new management.  

Karma caught up with the old cheating management in the end, reaffirming my faith in good after a long three years.  I lost a lot of money in the meantime but It rendered me a forged resident of Paris.  Many people ask me if I have lived here for decades, thus it cannot be my wishful imagination.

Merry Christmas.


  1. I hope they get sent to prison for tax evasion.

  2. I am guessing that they did not pay their chefs their social benefits or something. The last chef was clearly overworked. They did not pay for the license to be opened long hours either. But they were not generating much profit, thus the evaded tax would not have amounted to much. The only rich people get sent to prison for a big amount of tax evasion I would imagine.