Sunday, 16 February 2020

The end that I had dared not hope has really happened to the true horror stories in Modern Paris part 119

This world is not a fair place, justice is but a fragment of our wishful imagination.  However, it may not be quite the Hell after all.  The restaurant from Hell that nearly silenced me physically has finally fallen.

I thought they would get away with it with all their cheating and utter contempt for the everyday living of their neighbors.  They thought they would not need local clients for there would be plenty of gullible tourists they could rip off.  They billed their food as 'fresh food straight from the market' yet I saw boxes of powdered potatoes delivered into their kitchen early in the morning before tourists would see.  The managers personally knew many famous food critics.  Praising reviews adorned the entry door, but the neighbors knew they were fake because the praising reviews appeared too soon after the opening of the restaurant.  A respectable critic like Michelin would wait nearly one year to see if the chef could constantly maintain the high standard expected of Michelin. 

However, it may be this excess promotion that brought upon their doom.  The taxation office may have expected the restaurant to have generated some big profit if the great reviews on the walls were anything to go by.  In reality, the restaurants remained fairly empty aside of those occasional loud all night parties organized by the managers themselves.  It is quite possible that their tax return was genuinely low, but the taxation office would not buy it because the restaurant had successfully made the place appear 'happening'.  Also the restaurant was suspected of exploiting their chefs, many of them colored.  There were too many of them coming in and out like yoyo and their working hours was too long.  However, their last head chef was a French man thus he may have become a whistle-blower of the appalling condition. 

Whatever the reasons may have been, the curtain fell on Mme. Harmonie, the woman who haughtily told me to live with my windows closed instead of insulating her restaurant to contain the noise.  She condemned me to the life without fresh air but her attitude bit her in the end.  She would be in red after paying many months of expensive rent during which her restaurant was forced to close by the authority.  Now I have learnt that the landlord of the restaurant has gotten a new tenant.  

To my surprise, I did not feel joy.  Of course, I am relieved but that is all because it was not just the restaurant that robbed me.  Mme. Landlord who turned out to be a greedy leech, not just to me and even to the buyer of her apartment was a huge disappointment.  My former lawyer was only pretending to be a Japanese and I discovered that he was over charging me.  I got some money back when I confronted him with proofs, but I did not want to launch a lawsuit against a lawyer.  It would be too immature to cry that `they took an advantage of my trust', but they both were ruthless people who took an advantage of my weakened state.  So, you see, the world is full of villains and I cannot afford to invest my emotions let alone waste my time on revenge because my life is not long enough for it.  Besides the God is more genius than men when it comes to revenge (or everything) that it is better to leave it to Him. 

As I look into the deserted restaurant, I remember the night I was almost electrocuted by Mme. Empathy, the creator of the restaurant from Hell.  Without the self preserving knowledge passed down from my Samurai ancestors, I would not have lived to tell this story.  My former lawyer could not (or would not?) persecute Mme. Empathy for her crime and she got away by selling the hellish creation to Mme. Harmonie.  For all I know karma has not caught up with Mme. Empathy.  I told you this world is not a paradise and I have paid out of my pocket to insulate my apartment which I will not get compensation unless I file another lawsuit.  It may sound naïve but one needs to grow out of being a victim without the intervention of the predator if one wishes to claim 'pride' in the real sense of the word.  You will not earn respect of the world if you receive hand out, even in the form of compensation unless you are a child or were a child at the time.

My decision to leave the landlord of the restaurant alone has led to an unexpected effect.  My neighbors, French and Italians have shown me their support in the midst of Corona virus crisis when the discrimination against the Asians heightens in Europe.  Now this is priceless and I am glad that I am a person who can appreciate the value of things other than money.  I am all about moving forwards and pray that the new tenant of the restaurant will be law abiding.  We'll see if he/she will be honest enough to take down the endorsement stickers from the wall until they have genuinely earned the credit. 

Whether the true horror story in the modern Paris continues or the new happier chapter begins, it remains to be seen.