Prayer does not save you from Coronavirus

The Corona death toll of Catholics and the Catholic priests is steadily rising.  I still believe in God, but we are made to realize somberly that we are going to need something more than prayer.

Japan is mass-producing our anti-Virus called Abighan which has proven effective against Corona Virus.  However, it is not conclusive as pregnant women may suffer side effects.  But other advanced nations such as France (its Pasteur research team) are working on a cure which I am sure will triumph over the virus one day.  The number of the infected is rising in Japan too, but the death rate has been kept low that the other advanced nation suspects of the Japanese to have already developed the immune system to this virus.  This is unlikely because unlike Chinese people, we don’t consume bats nor snakes that have feasted on Asian bats.  In fact in some areas in Japan where residents were annoyed by the migrating Asian bats eventually discovered that the plant ‘peppermint’ repels the Asian bats from making nests under the roof.

I do not presume to know the answer but Japan is a very egalitarian nation when it comes to medical treatments.  The government picks up 70~90% of the medical bills.  There are plenty of ventilators (to send oxygen into the infected lungs) in Japan whereas the oxygen ventilators are pretty much limited to the rich people in other advanced nations.  Of course, the governments worldwide have placed orders for more ventilators to be manufactured, so hopefully, the tide will change.  

In the meantime, I can only suggest what the doctors in Japan advice which is to drink simple hot water.  It helps boost the immunization of your internal organs while the coffee and teas cool your inside.  They both originate from the hot climate regions where people need cooling down, but one needs to warm our inside against the virus.  The best time to drink the hot water is in the morning and the worst time is right after meals because the stomach will be busy digesting food.  Another advice by the professional is to protect your fingers with ointment.  Regular washing of hands and application of the anti-bacterial gels are recommended, but over-stripping of the natural oil shield of the surface of the fingers makes it easier for the virus to pass through into your system.  So please, sterilize and then apply a moisturizing cream.

Back in early February Paris had no records of the infected while Japan had some.  Naturally, I wished to stay in France rather than going back to Japan, but the Asian phobia has already started in Paris.  I must add that my favorite bistros and the bakery continued to receive me warmly, but I noticed the frightened stare of the clients.  I realized that my presence might affect the business of my beloved bistros and the bakery.  So I decided to leave France for a while.  By sheer coincidence, I landed in Japan on the 10th March, one day after the Japanese government restricted the entry from China and Korea.  So the coast was clear in the Tokyo Airport and the plane had been almost vacant.  Two weeks of self-imposed isolation at home at the end of which I felt fine.  I hoped to return to Paris soon.  

Imagine my surprise when I later received the news that Coronavirus had exploded in France only one week after I left.  The quick surge in their death toll implemented the closure of the French border.  I quickly wrote to my acquaintances who were kind to me in Paris.  There were not many of them, so it only took me 10 minutes.  I was relieved when the couple in Italy replied to me.  However, the sisters in the USA have not yet replied to me.  What has Coronavirus done to us all?

Speaking of the USA, the Chinese government has expressed their theory that it was the US army who implanted China with the Coronavirus.  This claim is not accepted by some Japanese researchers who have traced the virus back to the Asian bats, not the fruit bats in Latin America.  However, the Japanese government is still grateful that China responded in a civil manner to our decision to restrict the entry of the Chinese citizens, unlike some Asian neighbour who responded hysterically turning it into the usual political blame game against Japan.

They say that Coronavirus has brought out the worst in people, but also the best like this one young nurse in America who died after deferring to take the PCR test out of consideration for the patients.  What a noble sacrifice.