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Corona virus has flushed out the bad ones

I am still alive.  I am back in Paris to complete my process of acquiring residency status in France.  After hanging onto the same address above the restaurant from Hell for a duration required for qualifying, I was finally granted the Carte de Residency which will allow me to stay in France for the next 10 years.  I can finally move out but Covid 19 environment makes it scary to go search for a new place, so I am stuck here for a while to observe the fate of this restaurant below. The first two managers failed miserably and the current manager picked up a bargain.   I hope he deserves such a tremendous luck. In the other part of Le Marais, I noticed a vacant looking restaurant.  In fact it was up for sale.  I have once dined here and was disgusted by the excessive amount of refrigerators and freezers which were kept on the ground floor, instead of doing the decent thing and keep them on the basement.  The infrasound noise was unbearable even during the daytime, I deplored the fate o