Sunday, 17 January 2021

Did he rig it himself, Mr. Trump?

US politics is none of my business. I know it would affect the world, but as I have no voting rights there, there is no point worrying about it. Thus, it is by pure curiosity that I wonder about the strong claim by Mr. Trump about the election being rigged. The magnitude of his conviction is rock solid that he must know it has been done in the past. 

4 years ago, there was this rumor that he stole the election from Mrs. Clinton with the help of Russia. Mrs. Clinton did not follow it up and conceded the defeat gracefully because rigging of the sacred voting rights of the US citizens was outside her thinking. But the stubborn defiance by Mr. Trump reveals he knows some facts that existed in the past. The difference may be that it worked in his favor the last time that he cannot get himself to let go of the possibility that the Democrats may have learned some tricks from the Republicans. 

The mighty leader of Russia has finally acknowledged the victory of President-elect Biden, probably blaming Mr. Trump for forgetting the vital fact that he needed his supporters to be alive on Election Day, not dying from COVID. Mr. Trump demanded to find some 17800 votes or so to turn over the result, but far more people had died of Covid, mostly in the states that supported him in the last election. Had they been alive wearing masks, it would have been a different story. However, he was too busy proving New York state governor to be wrong about taking more precautions against COVID-19. At least this is how it looks from outside USA.  

I am an Asian, but I do not denounce white supremacy because had I been a white mother, I would also have wished for my white children to have every advantage possible. I would only like to appeal to your logic that giving your children too much and removing obstacles in life may rob your children of the chance to realize their full potential.   Besides the joy of competition, without non-whites, you will be left to fighting among the whites.  It was a white officer screaming in agony in the unrest staged by the whites at Washington the other day. 

Karma is slow but it will come.  I have recently come across the document online that the second manager of the restaurant from HELL, or our beloved Miss Harmonie who terrorized the lives of her neighbors, mostly mine, had to dissolve her restaurant incurring a financial loss.  And her new project was sabotaged by COVID-19.  Of course, this does not improve my life, that I have to do myself.  However, knowing Karma works keeps my moral from corruption.

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