Pitfall to Hell-The Rules of Retribution part 12

Because of the recent war, direct flights between Paris and Japan have been cancelled since March.  Therefore, I had to opt for a connecting flight for Helsinki and then onto Paris.  The shift involved a lot of preparation and no time for creativity.  I am finally back in Paris and have just finished two pages.  The concept of our afterlife that I used in this story, the credit goes to the spiritual mediator, Kanae Anzai.

The Devil does not care for those unpleasant souls because they will make it to the abyss without his help anyway.  Also, he would prefer a less nagging company to bear the burden of the eternal confinement that he targets the benign souls who are meant for the light.  If death catches you at one moment of fall to the dark thought, you are dragged to Hell.

There is a howling rage of the evil souls in Hell, but there is also the wailing of the unfortunate souls trapped for being at the wrong place and time.    The importance of letting go of your grudge is more practical than ethical.  Mr Trust confesses how he turned into a dark deity by practicing victim business too many times.

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SERPENT, aka NAGA, the eight-headed deity.  The snake represents the frailty that sees us stray from the path and often into darkness.  Big predators make the headlines, but ordinary people are tempted to commit small-scale cheating when shielded under the mantle of anonymity.  On good days we can fight off the temptation, but on bad days when we have lost something and the world seems unfair, our hands reach out for it while a sinking feeling spreads inside our hearts, warning us that this is not the way to get even with life.  However, God or the universe may not mind if the gain is minimal?  So we tell ourselves.

NAGA represents the second chance and atonement in life.  

DEESSE IRIS/NEMESISInstead of picking one from the existing religions, all of which I respect, I opted to represent the universe's will via Goddess IRIS.  God gave us light, and Goddess followed it up with the sound, but as sound travels slower than light, no one knows her existence despite benefiting from her gift, music.  Something turned this once open-book IRIS into NEMESIS, Goddess of Retribution.

THE SPIRIT of LOUIS XIII: The king of France who reigned from 14 May 1610 to 14 May 1643.  Enigmatic character the world may not have fully appreciated, not unlike the current, which can be substantial even if the river looks calm.

OMELETTE: the dog who was the pet of Louis XIII in its former life.

TRUST: The Nephilim, rejected by the angels and the man, opted to take over the dark throne vacated by the Serpent.  Devil was the name imposed on the Nephilim by the man, while the name he chose for himself is TRUST.