Lust blows off a love of any kind-The Rules of Retribution-Part 5

Why does a woman prioritize her man and blows off everyone else?  Friendship means nothing to her, let alone pets.  She enjoys the warmth of her furry companion until it outgrows its use.  The sad irony is that this type of woman hooks up with men who are not so decent.  I feel for the pets dumped before and after the Covid lockdown.  Some were dumped because they might be infected with the virus.  Some were pampered during the lockdown but got abandoned afterwards.

Louis XIII points at the spirit of an abandoned dog, huddling at the foot of his statue.  While Nemesis sees the future, the Serpent can see the past.  The girl, whom we saw in the garden, is driving towards the pound.  The girl is the same one we saw at Jardin de Luxembourg who scoffed at the ugly groom and disregarded the bride who was obviously a gold digger.

However, the girl did not know this, but her man was also a gold digger and does not care for her pet.  He yells at Lisle that ‘I can't live with you if the dog stays, Lisle!  It can pick up that new weird virus and infect me too!’  Afterwards Lisle drives to the pound and abandons her pet, screaming ‘Not my fault in her mind!  The poor dog’s spirit is seen floating after it was put down.  Am I floating?  I'm so scared!  I'm so lonely... Oh?  I know him!   The dog spots the statue of Louis XIII. My former master, the King The Just!  If I wait by his statue, his spirit may appear!

CHARACTERS in my Graphic Novel

SERPENT represents the frailty that sees us stray from the path and often into darkness.  Big predators make the headlines, but ordinary people are tempted to commit small-scale cheating when shielded under anonymity. On good days we can fight off the temptation, but on bad days when we have just lost something, our hands reach out for it while a sinking feeling spreads inside our hearts, warning us that this is not the way to get even with life. However, God or the universe may not mind if the gain is minimal. So we tell ourselves.


Perhaps, horror stories draw us in because we may slip into darkness at any time at our own will.   We may need religion or fantasy stories, hoping they will bring us back into the light.  I am too chicken to wrong individuals, but my integrity did not always hold firm against faceless organizations.  My story combines horror and fantasy, but you will find it oddly accurate because I will not sugarcoat the truth. To myself, I will be brutal.


GODDESS IRIS/NEMESIS: Instead of picking one from the existing religions, all of which I respect, I opted to represent the universe's will via Goddess IRIS. God gave us light, and Goddess followed it up with the sound, but as sound travels slower than light, no one knows her existence despite benefiting from her gift, music. Something turned this once open-book IRIS into NEMESIS, Goddess of Retribution.

THE SPIRIT of LOUIS XIII: The king of France who reigned from 14 May 1610 to 14 May 1643.  Enigmatic character the world may not have fully appreciated, not unlike the current, which can be substantial even if the river looks calm.

OMELETTE: the dog who was the pet of Louis XIII in its former life.