Self destruction of the bad-part 22


One year after the colossally loud all-night howling and stomping party, I stood before the restaurant from Hell that was legally dissolved. It had been both long and short 12 months. 

After I conceded my defeat and went out of the picture, the restaurant staff lost their common enemy (me) to unite them. The rift must have appeared between Miss GRATITUDE and her staff.  Everything went her way that she stopped being grateful for what she had been given. She was fortunate enough to have found: a good chef that could actually cook; and a diligent floor manager. I know this because my architect, who helped me insulate my apartment professionally, asked the floor manager JOHN to let her see the restaurant kitchen so she could plan effectively. JOHN kindly obliged and he and I started to exchange greetings since then. The new chef was Japanese, so I felt obliged to taste his food. It was delicious. Thus it would have gone fine had Miss GRATITUDE had the patience to wait.  

However, her restaurant was not happening soon enough for her. This was because JOHN and the Japanese chef had to fight the phantom of Mme HEART. Hardly anyone from the neighbourhood would come to dine because the bad reputation was hard to erase. However, Miss GRATITUDE must not have given JOHN and the Japanese chef, enough credit or appreciated their efforts because they both quit after six months. A new chef that followed was good but paled compared to the excellent Japanese chef.  

It was all downhill from there. Miss GRATITUDE forced her staff to work long hours non-stop for which she had no license. It was hard to imagine she would pay them the legal rate. Whistle-blowing usually triggers suspension of the restaurant by the authority. Thus less than one year from being on top of the world, Miss GRATITUDE had to put her restaurant on the market at a significantly reduced price. Far from being the support, the restaurant from Hell landed her in red. Miss GRATITUDE could not possibly blame me because I let her have everything she demanded. The ancient old strategy KANUCHI worked.

If I had appealed, it would have annoyed her, but she would have had the excuse to get out of the contract with compensation paid by Mr PRIDE. A classic example of not getting your way ends up better than getting your way. Only the universe knows what is best for you in the long run. Humans more often desire what or who is bad for us. Miss GRATITUDE, the woman who callously ordered me to live without a fresh breeze in my apartment, ended up suffocating herself financially.  

But in the end, it was the universe who demonstrated a much more positive way to execute retribution, and it concerns that Japanese chef. I feared that he might become menacing as the former Asian chef who deliberately turned on the ventilator even when he was not cooking to torture me. However, this Japanese chef was different. After learning of my plight, he set the ventilator low and closed all the kitchen doors so the noise would not spread unnecessarily. I was touched. I became his regular client, which was not in my interest because my contribution to the restaurant would sustain it. But I enjoyed feeling amicable so much I became a happy fool. As I do with all my friends, I even started wishing happiness for the Japanese chef. 

Then it happened. Japanese chef was discovered by a sponsor and would open his restaurant in Paris. When he quit the restaurant from Hell, JOHN, the only compassionate floor manager, Miss GRATITUDE, had also left the restaurant. In hindsight, it killed the budding chance for the restaurant from Hell to turn good. Had the Japanese chef stayed, it would have eventually prospered because the new restaurant in Montmartre run by the Japanese chef is doing very well.  

I am not saying that my good wish for him brought him good luck, but my good wish kept dark thoughts away from me. I could live feeling positive until the universe manifested the proper retribution. Technically, the Japanese chef was on the side of my opponent, but wishing happiness for your opponent may be the best way to be rid of your opponent. Retaliation or revenge would have darkened my thoughts and hindered my growth. Thus, the motto of my blog and graphic novel, Man plots revenge, while retribution is the will of the universe. Our restaurant from Hell was to close for several more months. I would eventually have to deal with the new buyer and Mr. PRIDE, who still insisted on tormenting me with the noisy appliances in his commercial kitchen. But for now, peace at last…NOT.

 Mirror that reflects your soulIt seems that there are three types of evils in the world: the first ones are the predators. Goliath-type predators stand before you like a wall, so there is a chance you can spot them from a distance and run the other way.  The man whose name we must not mention was this type. The second one is the sycophants who support and empower the predators. They usually hide behind the powerful but would come out to stomp on the weak. The silver lining is they do not hang out for long as they essentially despise the poor and the useless. 

And then comes the third one…the hyenas. Victims lay on the trail left behind by the predators and their entourage, weak and helpless, desperate for a tiny hint of kindness. Those trodden victims may not count for much but are most likely the easiest to exploit. The third type of evil is not easy to shake off because those hyenas are after small gains even the weak victims can give if you press their wounds hard enough. It took me months to realize that I was standing next to one. It was Mme HARMONY.