Sound deteriorates into Noise-The Rules of Retribution Part 15

You would think the baddies took pride in beating someone that posed a challenge. That is so in fiction; thus, fictional anti-heroes are dangerously attractive, but in reality, bullies prefer to exploit people smaller than their size (physically or financially). What is more disguising is that these cowardly baddies will offer the profit swindled from the poor to another big dog. Hoping the bigger dogs will go easy on them.  While Goliath bullies everyone, the cowardly baddies are polite and pretend to be decent to the big dog but show an utterly sly face to the weak. Take Mr PRIDE in my 'The True Horror Stories in modern Paris's Series in this blog. He sleeps well at night because he can conveniently believe that his good behaviour toward the rich is his true colour. Thus no stress.

The Devil (he calls himself TRUST) continues his monologue, pretending to explain to humanity: Apart from some true musicians, man messed up the Sound into Noise.  It did not kill your neighbours, but now there is infrasound.  It is a slow killer that attacks your central nerve system, generated by machines like commercial ventilation and refrigerators.  Insulation to suppress the noise costs a fortune.  But profit comes first to those owners who stay away from their toxic properties.′ An obviously greedy, vulgar middle-aged man is pressing the button on his machines in his kitchen with a malicious smile.  The Devil/TRUST looks down on him and murmurs: He is a miser who refuses to insulate his kitchen correctly.  He has exposed his neighbours to the continuous fatal noise and odour.  Infrasound has deprived them of a sense of balance and well-being.  It drives the victims to suicide, thus dubbed 'a slow killer.' It is a murder with no offender punishment, and this owner knows it.  Devil follows him: This man will lead me to his victims.
Devil anticipates those victims driven into depression will be ripe for the picking.  He murmurs: This is why I need the bad to prosper.  It is more cruel and delicious to prey on the victims, while the bad is like a pig that leads me to truffles, or in this case, Me to his victims.  However, one day the bad will fall victim to themselves, and Devil will come after them.  Omelette, the dog, glares at the black shadow floating away in the sky.  Louis XIII noticed and asked, 'ça va, Omelette?' Omelette just smiled back and thought to itself: But had that black shadow come near my king Louis, I would have lunged at it.  I am here to protect human souls.  I don't know why, but I must.


SERPENT, aka NAGA, the eight-headed deity.  The snake represents the frailty that sees us stray from the path and often into darkness.  Big predators make the headlines, but ordinary people are tempted to commit small-scale cheating when shielded under the mantle of anonymity.  On good days we can fight off the temptation, but on bad days when we have just lost something and the world seems unfair, our hands reach out for it while a sinking feeling spreads inside our hearts, warning us that this is not the way to get even with life.  However, God or the universe may not mind if the gain is minimal?  So we tell ourselves.

NAGA represents the second chance and atonement in life.  

GODDESS IRIS/NEMESIS: Instead of picking one from the existing religions, all of which I respect, I opted to represent the universe's will via Goddess IRIS.  God gave us light, and Goddess followed it up with the sound, but as sound travels slower than light, no one knows her existence despite benefiting from her gift, music.  Something turned this once open-book IRIS into NEMESIS, Goddess of Retribution.

THE SPIRIT of LOUIS XIII: The king of France who reigned from 14 May 1610 to 14 May 1643.  Enigmatic character the world may not have fully appreciated, not unlike the current, which can be substantial even if the river looks calm.

OMELETTE: the dog who was the pet of Louis XIII in its former life.

TRUST: The Nephilim, rejected by the angels and the man, opted to take over the dark throne vacated by the Serpent.  Devil was the name imposed on the Nephilim by the man, while the name he chose for himself is TRUST.