Change is forced upon us in life.

I have struggled with my Blogger site since 2021 but 2022 delivered the last straw concerning Google Console. It has been de-indexing my posts to the point that it is no longer worth keeping this site. Furthermore, the graphic design software I have been using for years launched an upgrade version, and it has stopped supporting the old version.  


With so much new information and technics to learn, I have to take a bold step and close this site. Thank you for showing interest in my humble graphic comic blog. I shall start deleting my posts from this site and Google, except for this last post with the information on my social media accounts. I do not presume that your interest will last till I relaunch a new blog, but my graphic novel will be better when I rewrite it.


Lastly, I share with you the technical problems I faced with the Blogger website in case you wonder. Because I added my custom domain to Blogger’s allocated domain, Google frequently penalized me over Redirect Problem. To avoid it I had to add  ?m=1 after each new html after Google had switched to a Mobile crawler. However, once Google indexed them, they considered my urls with ?m=1 as duplicates and de-indexed the corresponding HTML. Out of 75 posts, 58 indexed posts were reduced overnight to just 5 posts. It broke my will to solder on with Blogger website.


Thank you so much again for your time.