‘Go back to China where you came from!’  The abuse on the streets had become a daily routine in Sydney.  They blamed those rich Chinese immigrants for the steep price hike and subsequently the demise of the local Australians who could not keep up.  An old Aussie woman who called me ‘garbage!’ would not hear me explain that I was a Japanese who had not even been to China.  I thought I had left it all behind now that I am in Paris…but no.

Survival is tough in France if you do not have rich parents with a wide connection.  The difference between ‘Have’ and ‘Have not’ is incredible in Paris.  Only for the rich the top brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton exist.  It hurts to see many middle-aged Parisians make do with cheap foreign brands.  And then you see them, the Chinese young women carrying bags of expensive brand products strolling into the 5 stars hotels where locals will never have the chance to stay for their entire life.  I do not begrudge the Chinese of their success, but it is annoying being ripped off even at the market for just looking like a Chinese.  I do not need this because it is hard enough if you are immigrants in Paris.

During the last two years, I have been swindled, burgled, threatened for countless times, but not once by the hand of the French.  The predators were all immigrants or whose parents had been immigrants.  I can’t blame the extreme right-minded people after my own experience.  So until the extreme-right party takes over the French government I shall stay here and learn ‘life’.  Each society has its own kind of shadow and that of Paris has been different from what I experienced in Sydney or Japan.  But one thing is universal: evil is not the product of a handful of criminals.  Evil is carried out by the people who hides behind the others.  With no chance of being caught out, their soul gets darker every time they get away with evil deeds.  Anonymity is the third type of devil after hypocrisy and defiance.  But even in the safety of anonymity, their darkness within gradually rises to the surface and render their face dubious.  They feature in my true horror stories, though I may occasionally throw in other kind of posts, like food, travel, reaction to news.

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