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Business as usual with a hint of Christmas (ごく地味な私のパリ生活)

The mere mention of ‘Paris’ and my blog instantly attracted more readers than ever before.  My apology in advance if you were expecting a blog about glamorous Paris living.  Not for me.  My school starts next month and I am looking at 20 lessons per week.  I  I hope to achieve an advanced-intermediate level in French by the end of the next year.  My life here so far has been mandane.  It was about going to hardware shops, opening a bank account, registering for loyalty cards of supermarkets and shops, and cleaning my new apartment.  I will not be going out of my way to visit café or restaurants, not until I have accomplished what I set out to do.  The one café I mentioned in my last blog happened to be on my way to some other place.  Otherwise, I would not have cared and there was nothing exciting to update on my blog.   But since this is Christmas, I have uploaded a small Christmas bouquet that I bought from a vendor on the street for only 2 Euros.  Also what is Noël without a Bouche