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Double Roasted Pork in tropical Penang, Malaysia(熱帯ペナン島の二度焼き チャーシュウ)

Mr. Somerset Maugham’s praise for the generous Malays is endorsed by the huge Chinese community in Malaysia and Singapore.  It is not my place to speculate the reasons why so many Chinese people decided to leave their homeland behind, but it is good that the Malays have helped them find happiness in the new adopted land.  On the small island of Penang, one gets the impression that there are more Chinese temples than any other religious houses of prayer.  That is the power of China and where do they get it from?  Fantastic food!   Tek Sen: 18-20 Carnavon Street, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia  is surprisingly clean inside.  Their Double Cooked Pork is AMAZING.    They pour some sweet sauce over before grilling the pork again.  I may be wrong, but you won’t really care when it tastes so good. For those who prefer spicy food, try their other signature dish, vegetable and pork fried with bean paste and chili.  Now, please allow me to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have final