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A fashion philistine buying perfume in Paris at last?(服装音痴が遂にパリ で香水を買うのか?

Somehow I’ve managed to ignore the perfumery boutiques all my life.  I bathed daily and washed my clothes regularly.  My shampoo smelled nice so what more realistically needed to be done?  There had been some bottles purchased by my mother on the shelf, but I would leave them until their content all dried up.  Therefore I was stupefied when my French professor asked each of us students what brand of perfume we wore.  Didn’t see that coming as I had prepared myself for questions about French history.  I was shocked to learn that even the youngest girl wore an expensive perfume brand.  Needless to say I felt embarrassed by the look of everyone on me as if I had been caught naked in public.   It just so happened that Galeries Lafayette was holding a sale on cosmetics that evening.  As I navigated through the boutique counters on the ground floor I was overwhelmed by the millions of choices available.  The only thing I knew was that I hated rose fragrance because it gives me nausea.  So ho