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NO RIDES LEFT (乗車はもう無し)

It is easier said than done, breaking out of one’s shell.  I thought I was ready for anything.  For once I wished to be close to someone, not because his background would be approved by my relatives who are still proud of our Samurai lineage, but because I had feelings for him.  I had deliberately refrained from finding out about this Gentleman from Sydney except his personality.  His expressions and actions were all I knew about him.   I would be crying for days to come, but I will, must put it all  behind.   I headed for the airport.   I did not want to head home to Japan from Sydney, so I caught a plane bound for Hobart, Tasmania.  It was summer in Australia, but the water of Hobart would be still be cold in October and I longed for it.   Once in Hobart I took a bus for Lower Sandy Beach.  The water was blue, clear and as expected, very cold.  I was the only one swimming while looked on by some children who thought I was crazy.  I wished to wash away my long years of confinement in