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Monday, 20 June 2016

The true horror stories in Paris-Part 5; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第5

Though the director took my complaint seriously and agreed that the behavior of my former councilor quiet weird, he could not find a reason to be deem it suspicious.  ‘If she stole your money, she would risk going to prison.  She wouldn’t do that for herself.’  His reasoning was right, but I sensed that she knew what she was doing all along.  

A month later I went back to Japan to see my parents.  The day time talk shows were featuring a new type of crime—mind controlling.  Several celebrities whose mind had been controlled by some sinister figures ended up losing their savings and income to the mind controllers.  The defense those mind-controllers used was typical: the money was a volunteer gift, therefore, no laws could punish them.  However, the exposure led to ordinary people who had fallen victims to the similar trap, albeit smaller scale, to come out.  

Through reading their confessions I discovered a pattern:  a woman targeting another woman.  Until recently the world has known one type of scheming woman: gold digger.  However, you have to be looker and there are some women who have no hopes of becoming gold diggers.  So what should they do?  Their attention eventually turned to other women who had some money.  The mind-controlling predators all manipulated their victims in making them totally reliant on the predators.  Their first step was to crush the victim’s independence and confidence.  I could not help but recall the scaremongering tactics my former councilor used on me.  She lied to me that I could not change my password unless going through her.  She tried to make me believe that I could not do anything without her in France.  Then with shiver I recalled her morbid interest in my father’s saving.  I imagined hearing her low curly giggle again…

支店長は私の話を信じてくれましたが元担当の女性の動機が皆目見当がつきませんでした。「お客様の預金を盗めば監獄行という事は分かっておりますから、バカな事はしませんよ。」 理屈では彼の言う通りですが、彼女は確固たる念みたいなものがありました。それは何だったのか?




Sunday, 22 May 2016

The true horror stories in Paris-Part 3; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第3

‘I am so sorry this should have happened to you,’ said my councilor as she closed into me…again, her disturbing habit.  But in my weakened stress, I almost wanted to believe her sincerity. 

‘How much money does your father keep in his bank account?’

I could not assess her question immediately.  ‘Huh?’  The woman continued firmly.

‘How much is your father in Japan worth?  As his only child, you can invest his money for him.  Let’s move all the Japanese Yen in your family over to France.’ 

Those were not her exact words, but a summary of her proposal, but her next phrase, I write here word for word.  ‘It is time you deposited your money to this ‘fund’ I have been recommending to you.’  She had shed her usual demureness and was now commanding down to me like a cult guru.  Any other Japanese would have capitulated and I am afraid her other clients had, but I was forged in American school and Australia.  I snapped out of my distress and ‘You see my misfortune and the first thing you talk is Money?  Is that a standard at where you came from?’  The councilor was genuinely surprised by my resistance and sheepishly responded, ‘well, since you lost some cash to the pick-pocket thief, I thought it would be nice if we make it up by gaining interest on the funds I recommend…’ 

Her shamelessness rendered me loss for words, but instead I glared at her with as much contempt as I could muster up.  My councilor backed off for the day, but ever so thick-skinned, she started calling me repeatedly from the next day.  The name of the manager of the branch was nowhere to be found on the bank site for Japanese clients.  Needless to say my Councilor would not tell me his details, but she should not have underestimated the power of English, even in France.  Her other Japanese clients obviously did not have it, but I had a command of English.  In the end I managed to locate the details of the branch manager. 

 To be continued to part 4



余りの厚顔に絶句した私。だが私の剣幕に彼女も一旦は引きさがるが翌日からは執拗に電話攻撃です。私は支店長の仔細をサイトで探しましたが、日本語サイトには記載してありません。どうせ日本人は支店長に連絡しないであろうということか?だが私は英語とフランス語ちゃんぽんと残りは気合で受付に直訴した。面倒な関わりを嫌うフランス人が一瞬黙り、それからパソコンで調べてくれたのです。銀行の支店長ともなればフランス人でも英語は堪能である。同郷の人間の弱みにつけこむ外国崩れへの反撃開始です。続く にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ フランス情報へ