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Already some shocking news in France 2021

After living more than five years in Paris and the novelty has worn off, you start paying more interest in the local news.   The year 2021 was greeted in France with the image of Notre Dame Cathedral with a blasting rock tune on the national TV screen only to be quickly followed by a gruesome news of ‘ a man dies with his head torn off after a firework mortar fire in Eastern France.’   Then 2500 party animals participated in a rave party near Bretagne without wearing masks.   The local TV commentators are livid that it may lead to a large Corona cluster.   Of course, it will and all this for in the hope of meeting someone to have a fling or relationship? It was the wrong place to look for relationships when all the participants lacked consideration for other people’s health.   They did not give a toss to the people the participants would come in contact before and after the rave party.   Such selfishness is not a solid ground for a meaningful relationship, but the people like this w

Sense of Entitlement; La souffrance des Français: Version française est au milieu (フランス人が至った災難)

I might prefer ‘menace’ over ‘sense of Entitlement’ because with ‘love and patience’ we may be able to convert the menacing people, but those with ‘sense of entitlement’ will just feed off others’ love and patience.    I have not lived among French people long enough to assume anything about them, but the sense of entitlement of some immigrants is all too familiar.  While I lived in Australia, I witnessed their values and even their safety got comprised by some ever demanding immigrants.  Worse were their off-springs who no longer considered themselves to be immigrants, nor respective Australian citizens either, but someone better who deserved more than others.  Their demands made to the government were all too much, even for me, another immigrant.   All that I thought I left it behind when I moved to Europe, but NO.  One indication can be found in the recent election result.  More French people have turned ‘right’ because they fear for their ever depreciating French values in their ow