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Alexandre de Paris meets a temple of Japan (アレキサンドル・ド・パリ)が 長谷寺と出会う)

There are numbers of temples in Kamakura, the ancient capital of Samurai Warriors, but Hase Temple is the one most revered for its authentic class, not going down the road of commercialization like some others.   It probably is the reasons why it rates high on Tripadvisor site.  The designers of Alexandre de Paris may never have imagined that their signature ‘Papillons would look so ethereal beautiful against the background of a traditional temple in Japan on the other side of the globe   In my last post I mentioned of this yellow-green summer jacket designed by Rene Derhy.  On this day I wore it over a simple white cotton dress bought many years ago in Naples, Italy, so long ago that I had forgotten that I even had it.  Wait.  That is not exactly true because it never took me long to forget about clothes. The bag chosen for the day was a lavender Longchamps.  The white sandals were designed by Arché de Paris.  All these were bought by my mother some years ago which I duly forgot strai