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Spring is still a headache for this fashion philistine(春でも浮かれてお られぬ服装音痴)

The cold winter had one redeeming aspect: the coats hid whatever dingy clothes I wore underneath.  Now with the warm weather upon us my one and only safety cover is ripped away and I have to turn to the list of coordination my mother had drawn up for me before I left for Paris.  Yes, I am that pathetic.    Why I decided to learn fashion after all these years?  Find out at Now this is the spring outfit my conservative mother had put together. It looked fine to me until I met this real estate agent lady from Paris.  She was wearing a suit as well, but wore a frilly laced blouse underneath.  It may not be news to most women, but it was to me.  The suit has a rigid uniform like image while lace is feminine and has a soft image.  The two never mixed in my stubborn head, but I am trying to change my way.    So I copied this Parisian lady and bought a frilly Ralph Lauren blouse (on discount as usual.)  Is it a