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Beggars and the Bleeding Hearts (乞食と日本の将来)

You might be wondering how a photo of noodle is related to the title.  It is New Year’s Eve and eating buckwheat noodle is a Japanese ritual.  The long noodle represents longevity of life.  Why shouldn’t it?  Buckwheat is good for your health anyway.  As I ponder on my hectic year 2014, marked with occasional tears, I hope to make the New Year more cheerful, at least within my blog.  So this is the last post I write about my political concern.   Beggars are everywhere, even in the beautiful city of Paris, reflecting the difficult financial state of the country.  Let’s hope the New Year brings better time for all of us.   There are, however, those who have been making a career out of begging.  The old gypsy women going around begging loudly for charity.  The young and innocent will feel for them like I used to…only I wondered why they all wore the outdated gypsy clothes in this twentieth century.  This was in Italy, one late afternoon.  I noticed a beggar was changing out of her gypsy d