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Friday, 17 May 2019

The true horror stories in modern Paris and Bucharest part 112

To be true to the title I must share my experience in Paris too.  Although the intensity of danger Miss Charity exposed Miss J in Bucharest was far graver than my case, the equation was surprisingly similar.  Women will be women.  In my case, there was two.  One was Mme. Empathy of the restaurant from Hell which I have already written about.  The other one was a woman architect, or so I thought she was.

Mr. new Landlord saw that the kitchen was in need of updating so he hired an architect.  He was pleased that she did not charge too much despite having years of experience below her belt.  He thought she could see to it that my insulation work to combat the restaurant from Hell below will be planned well too.  I shall refer to her as Mme. PRUDE who was to be a stickler to the regulations.  This may sound promising but it turned out that she would relax her standards if the risk did not concern her.  The first sign that the things were not as Mme. Prude claimed was that she had gained her long years of experience by working for her husband.  She insisted that she was his equal partner, but she did not know a single tradesmen who would work for her in Paris.  She knew some men who worked for her husbands but they were situated too far from Paris.  Mr. New Landlord and I made the mistake of believing her story.  Mr. New Landlord did not want to be seen discriminating against women and I wanted to encourage women getting more jobs.  Reverse-feminism is one form of Victim Business that derails some of us from making a balanced decision.

If a feminist happens to read my blog, she may denounce me for victim-bashing but the case of Mme. Prude taught me that reverse-feminism ought to be avoided for the sake of women.  Mme. Prude never learnt to be fully responsible for her work most likely because she had had things easy, gaining opportunities through reverse-feminism instead of her own merits.  It did not sit right with me that Mme. Prude made a constant fuss over making things prettier in utmost details while she depended heavily on the tradesmen for bigger things.  Obviously her husband had always taken care of the foundation because the electricity system she designed for the apartment later proved to be faulty.  In fact, the electrician hired by Mr. New Landlord warned her of the risk and offered to carry out a complete overhaul of the electricity.  This would have delayed the completion of the work, which was not acceptable for Mme. Prude who had landed a bigger assignment from another new client.  She told the tradesmen to add new cables to the existing old electric cables and lied to him that the landlord was fine with it.  She knew that the cables would be covered up in a way that amateurs could not see.  She also knew that the electricity voltage in Paris is much stronger than that of Japan.  Yet, she told me that everything was done to perfection.

So the day came when I plugged my new grill and opted to lift the lid and…BZZZ!  I felt an electricity shock and jumped back.  The grill had not even been turned on yet.  Mme. Prude had left me with the electricity system that constantly leaked some electricity.  She desperately blamed the electrician and disappeared without finishing the job.  Not a single recognition that she had put one life, mine, at the risk of death by electrifying.  All Mme. Prude focused on was to duck responsibility and she must think of her lucky that my Mr. New Landlord did not sue her after he fixed the problem with another electrician.  She made her clients overpay the administration fees to a various institution which in the end served only to shield her from any possible legal liability.  Besides, Mr. New Landlord knew a man suing a woman for incompetency would not reflect well on him. 

Thus, once again Mme. Prude benefited from the Reverse feminism and some unsuspecting clients will fall victims to her prudish lecture not knowing she would install a sub-standard electricity system without her husband's supervision.  After my initial rage at her subsided, I felt sorry for her that Reverse-feminism had corrupted Mme Prude's mentality.  It is sad because many genuine women with substance have made efforts to be recognized for their merits.  Yet, the cases like this Mme. Prude would spoil things for the womankind again.

However I am still alive to tell the story unlike Miss J whose course of life was distorted by Miss Charity.  Of course, Miss Charity was not the only administrator of this amateur club, but the men around her hesitated to question her risky itinerary probably from reverse-feminism.  Thus, Miss J was not saved from her horrendous end.  

To be continued.
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