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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 62

Two weeks had passed since I sent out the letter pleading the other landlords to take note of the blatant disregard of other people by Mr. Pride.  He would not even comply with the repeated requests by the Syndic to share the type of machines he was allowing his tenant Mme. Empathy to install beneath the residential floor.  Of course, Mme. Empathy would exceed the limit permitted by the authority.  The limit had been set to prevent excess emission of electromagnetic and law frequency noises, both hazardous to the health of the residents living nearby, but Mr. Pride did not care because he did not live on the premises himself.  He would not be exposed to the toxic elements.  What did he care that his tenants tortured the residents with a loud disco music in a quiet historic street?  He himself lived quietly away from the restaurant from Hell.  What did he care that his restaurant attracted seedy characters that exposed the residents’ lives in danger?  Mr. Pride turned deaf ears to every single plea of the residents, refusing to believe that his tenants ever acted inappropriately.  You would think anybody would oppose Mr. Pride.

However, not all landlords were inconvenienced by the restaurant from Hell.  For one, only three apartments were directly exposed to the noise from the restaurant.  Secondly, most landlords did not live on the premises.  Therefore, Mr. Pride safely bet that his threat of compensation, if his business was disrupted, would convince the majority of the landlords to forsake me in my suffering rather than paying a hefty compensation money to Mr. Pride.  In fact one old wealthy business woman did not even bother to reply.  Mr. Brave, the partner in crime of Mr. Pride held a large number of votes.  One old rich man even pressed Mme. Landlord to accept the condition of Mr. Pride.  I was seeing the reality of dark side of human nature.

However, the first ray of sunshine came from America, the new land.  There was one American owner and he defied the compensation threat of Mr. Pride and gave his proxy to Mme. Landlord.  Never was I more grateful of the gutsy hero in American men.

The old land, Europe was not to be dismissed for a youngish French man also sent us his proxy.  It surprised me because this youngish French man had seemed cool and indifferent, but inside he was a stark contrast to the rich old man with a pleasant manner but of a cold heart.  More from Europe were two Italian gentlemen who spoke out against Mr. Pride and sent their proxy to Mme. Landlord.  One of them even came to visit me on the day before the general assembly to wish me good lucks.  He wanted to see the face of the writer of the heart wrenching letter.  I had not gone out to be melodramatic, but simply writing down the fact was enough.  The votes of more supporters continued to flow in.

Finally at the general Assembly, Mr. Pride and Mr. Brave both looked pleased with themselves, convinced that they were about to crush Mme. Landlord.  That Asian woman (me) never mattered to them.  However, my dear Mme. Landlord quietly laid out numerous proxies on the table.  To be continued.

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