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Three types of people, three types of joy. Who is the happiest? (喜びの 違いで分ける三種類の人間)

One week from now I will have lived one year in Paris.  I remember landing on a dark rainy morning with some trepidation, which was soon repelled by the magic of Paris, all decked out in Christmas fashion.    This year, I am observing the Parisians putting up decoration on their shops, maisons and jardins.  That took some magical wonder out of the end result, but it was appreciative in a different way.  The joy of making Christmas spirit.    As you know, there are three types of people regarding the kind of joy they choose.   One is ‘the Builder’ inclusive of creators, makers, or people who prepare things.  They mostly do so for the pure joy of making things and if it pleases the world, great!   Second comes ‘the Dependent’ who rely on others for fulfilling their needs.  They copy the ideas for a quick money, or convince ‘the Builder’ that it his/her mission is to please the Dependent.  The ultimate example is ‘gold digger’   The third one seeks a dirk joy in destroying the fruit of ot

Back-alley gourmet in Taipei and the grace of working class (台北裏道で 見つけた強力水餃子)

From Penang I flew to Taipei of Taiwan to taste the real thing.  I would not deny the charm of ever evolving Hong Kong cuisine, but there are times for food that has stood the test of time.  I would have headed straight for my favorite restaurant, but their lunch time had finished.  No worries as in Taipei is full of jewels.  Within two minutes-walk of my hotel I discovered one.  I can’t quite pronounce it so I’ll just upload the store sign.  I had a hunch it was good before I even saw the media report hung proud on the wall because of quiet pride and joy in the eyes of their workers. Now, those who read my previous post may think I am having trouble with my old neighbor because she is a bogan of working class background.  No.  I resent her for putting on airs with me pretending to be an elegant English lady and assuming an immigrant like me would not know better.  Well, it so happens I was raised in England during my kinder garden years and I remember the manner of a real sensitive En