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Sunday, 1 October 2017

The bullied takes on Goliath in the true horror stories in modern Paris part 41

Mr. Pride could not remember who I was for some time.  One thing I learnt about France is that this is a brutally structured society.  The life of the poor does not matter and the rich make sure the poor remain where they are.  I had not looked kindly upon their frequent strikes before I came to France, but now I get it.  For the poor it is the only way to survive.

Thus you can imagine how low I would rank in the mind of Mr. Pride.  My lawyer expected to hear some bargaining, but I wondered.  Mr. Pride and Mme. Empathy knew that it would be some time before the French authority intervened and I was not even a French woman.   Sure enough, the two chose to wear me down even harder so I would leave the place.  Problem solved.  The noise level in the kitchen went up notches higher that even the chefs would seek refuge outside the restaurant.  The extractor which is now a devil’s weapon was switched on all day at the maximum level.  It was utter inhumane, but I did ask to learn the truth about this society that looked glam on the surface, didn’t I?  Be careful what you wish for. 

However, I had suspected as much so I flew out to Vienna.  My lawyer would notify me when the police contacted for an investigation.  I was on my way to the airport when a group of Chinese clients were having a banquet in the restaurant.  As Mme. Empathy had failed to win serious local diners, she had opted to offer a party package.  I could see the disappointment on the faces of the Chinese clients.  Women were clearly dissatisfied for they must have sensed the rip-off.  Mme. Empathy was destroying one Asian while swindling from other Asians.  Never mind the acrimony between the Chinese Government and the Japanese government.  I felt sorry for the Chinese clients as much as for myself.

I landed in Vienna, utterly demoralized.  Every slight noise now attacked my nerve from everywhere.  But then I chanced upon a chorus at a church.  To my surprise, the hymn did not hurt me.  In fact, it soothed my tattered nerves.  Though I have not yet picked a religion, I do believe in God because there are so many questions only He would know the answer.  However, as my mother is a Christian I remember Jesus Christ more often than the other religious figures.  I felt hopeful that I would recuperate during the two weeks stay in Vienna while back in Paris, the restaurant team would be doing their worst until they realized that I had left.  They would be disappointed or even annoyed a bit when I returned.  To be continued.
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