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Recycling of SAPIN

Sapin is a French word for this.  My first live Christmas tree ever.  I watered it well and cherished every second it graced my humble apartment in Paris.  I knew I could not keep it forever as it would turn fire hazard after some time, but I could not bear the thought of dumping it in the garbage bin either.  But then France had a wonderful solution. Here is the corner of Place des Vosges where Sapins to be recycled are piled.  They would be treated by professionals and made into something wonderful.  After I removed all the ornaments, I let my tree rest in a tab of water for a couple of hours.  It looked pretty good and it joined other sapins.  My dear tree would not be lonely in the company of many other trees. 初めての生きたクリスマスツリー。捨てるのは辛いですが、マレ地区の公園の隅に専用のリサイクルコーナーが政府により設けられ、ここに置いておけばプロの手で何かに生まれかわるそうです。お別れ前にたっぷりと水を吸わせてお礼をいってからお仲間の間に置いてきました。 にほんブログ村