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The true horror stories in Paris-Part 4; Des histoirse d’horreur vraie dans le Paris du XXIe siècle-4e partie ; 現代パリの本当にあった怖い話第4

Le texte français est en vert (日本語は頁下) I had a trepidation that the manager would not believe my complaint.  Bear in mind that my councilor was a serial liar that she would deny any accusation skillfully.  With a heavy heart I entered the room.    I did not need to worry.  The manager had been suspicious of my councilor for some time. She would not share any information of her clients with the manager and whenever her mistakes surfaced she would shift the blame to her colleagues no matter what.  He was glad to have the opportunity to find out what my councilor had been telling me.  It turned out she had disobeyed every instructions he had given her and she had even given me a warped description of the financial products.  He sighed because his predecessor was the one who hired her, duped by her demure appearance.  In any other country this woman would be sacked, but this is France.  It is virtually impossible to sack an employee. Another Japanese woman was with him.  She was to be

My camera has been broken (カメラが壊れていました)

One should not make ‘busy days’ an excuse not to update one’s blog because everyone is busy.  Everyone is tackling problems one way or another.  However, losing access to a camera may make a passable excuse?  I should have seen it coming as its focus had been fuzzy for some times.  Until I buy a new one the next time I visit my parents in Japan, I must do without one.    It may be just as well that my camera broke because my September 2015 saw so many things happen that I may have been tempted to disclose some private events which no one would have been interested.  This has made rethink about writing blogs and comments in other people’s blogs under pseudonyms.  In the safety of anonymity I may have failed to check myself from expressing my exasperation on certain nationalities.  Most of the time I have enough sense to know that one should not judge a nation by a small group of misfits.  However, I’m a human too and on days when my patience had been sorely tested I was possessed wi

Parisians and their double effects (パリと二重効果)

It has been 8 months since I came to live in Paris and I have attended several parties only because the food looked promising.  I had low, if not zero, expectation on romance, but on gastronomy I had high hopes for Paris.  When Parisians suggest a group eat-out at their recommendable eateries, you’re in for a treat.  I can be extremely sociable when a tasty meal is around, so I have had seven gentlemen asking me out over the last 8 months.  Most of them I had to decline because they simply mistook my age; two of them, however, I was put off because they were openly two-timing.  One man asked for my contact details right under his girl-friend’s nose.  The other one asked for my phone number, while chatting up another girl.  Now, I do not believe in putting a lock on one’s heart, because it goes where it wants to.  Therefore, I accept ‘change of heart’, but not this shameless two-timing game from the gecko.  One of a few situations where ‘double’ is appreciated is fashion.  I have had th

Parisians and diagonal line (パリジャンと斜めの線)

  I had not accessed my blog since the abrupt death of this one lady whom I had revered very much, so today I did not expect to see any visitors to my site.  To my surprise, there were some which promptly me to upload my latest struggle with fashion.    Even men wear scarfs in Paris on their dates with their girlfriends.  I could not care less initially, but then there had not been a thing I cared about fashion anyway.  Then I realized it would be a way to show that I am making an effort.  Not necessary a resounding success, but an effort nevertheless.    Parisians have since taught me there is more to scarf than wrapping it around one’s neck.  They also use it to add a diagonal line to the style.  I have no ideas why, but it does help to slim down one’s appearance a little.  So here goes.  Parisians also love Australia, or so I have found, so I decided to put on this shirt I bought in Cairns Queensland.  Actually, my mother recommended that I bought one.  Like many other clothes of mi

Mr. Obama may have been also right about Je Suis Charlie; M. Obama a peut-être eu raison; 日本人の中にも潜むテロ思想

We were instructed to write a composition at class about Parisians, but as I had not been around long enough to make a justified observation, I opted to write about a recent event by which Paris influenced the world.  What else but ’Je Suis Charlie’ parade’.  The American government had to apologize to the French President for not having attended the parade after the backlash that came even from among their own citizens.  However, Mr. Obama may have made the right decision by not attending as it would have put the thousands of participants at risk.  Mr. Obama has to be the cherry prize for the enemies of USA that some of them would have thought that this was the event worthy of dying for…literally.  The wives and the daughters of some who would have been the representatives of USA, might have wished for the safety of their loved ones.     That is love, and surely love must also have the right to be expressed instead of being labelled cowards or disgrace. After all, American public figu

Beggars and the Bleeding Hearts (乞食と日本の将来)

You might be wondering how a photo of noodle is related to the title.  It is New Year’s Eve and eating buckwheat noodle is a Japanese ritual.  The long noodle represents longevity of life.  Why shouldn’t it?  Buckwheat is good for your health anyway.  As I ponder on my hectic year 2014, marked with occasional tears, I hope to make the New Year more cheerful, at least within my blog.  So this is the last post I write about my political concern.   Beggars are everywhere, even in the beautiful city of Paris, reflecting the difficult financial state of the country.  Let’s hope the New Year brings better time for all of us.   There are, however, those who have been making a career out of begging.  The old gypsy women going around begging loudly for charity.  The young and innocent will feel for them like I used to…only I wondered why they all wore the outdated gypsy clothes in this twentieth century.  This was in Italy, one late afternoon.  I noticed a beggar was changing out of her gypsy d

The journey of Sweet and Potatoe

It’s about time I treated my readers with something fun.  I here upload one of my old comic strip. Copyright 2014 by Mirror Miroir/THE THIRD RED APPLE All Rights Reserved. そろそろ読者の皆様に楽しんで頂ける内容をお届けします。  

NO RIDES LEFT (乗車はもう無し)

It is easier said than done, breaking out of one’s shell.  I thought I was ready for anything.  For once I wished to be close to someone, not because his background would be approved by my relatives who are still proud of our Samurai lineage, but because I had feelings for him.  I had deliberately refrained from finding out about this Gentleman from Sydney except his personality.  His expressions and actions were all I knew about him.   I would be crying for days to come, but I will, must put it all  behind.   I headed for the airport.   I did not want to head home to Japan from Sydney, so I caught a plane bound for Hobart, Tasmania.  It was summer in Australia, but the water of Hobart would be still be cold in October and I longed for it.   Once in Hobart I took a bus for Lower Sandy Beach.  The water was blue, clear and as expected, very cold.  I was the only one swimming while looked on by some children who thought I was crazy.  I wished to wash away my long years of confinement in

Australians have chosen-part 1(オーストラリア人の選択に含まれぬ日本人 -第一回)

  When I started this blog I had a vague idea that I might be moving out of Sydney, but I had not yet given up on my future in Australia.  After all I have invested a big part of my life trying to win their trust despite the racial difference.  However, over the course of my blogging journey I realized that the decision had already been made for me.    Among the champions of anti-whaling are Australians, but not those to whom I had plucked up the courage to speak the truth about it, or at the very best the facts that had been revealed to me.  Contrary to general belief, whale meats are not considered delicacies in Japan.  It is poor men’s beef.  Apart from a very tiny part which may fetch a decent price, the rest of the whale is pungent, tough and inexpensive.  I know this because our family once fell on hard times and I had to be relocated to a public school where subsidized lunch was provided so that the students would not be undernourished.  To some children the school lunch is stil

The other side of the society (育ちが違っても)

I do not presume to know how the Australian rich live, but some of them keep mansions in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  I chose to live in a small apartment there because it is the safest area predominantly occupied by white Australians.  The cream of the rich are said to be living in Darling Point and Vaucluse.  They keep to themselves and only people the outsiders get to see are their domestic help.  They would be either South Asians or South Americans.  This would naturally affect their concept of Asians and immigrants.  Children growing up in this environment might have problems when they see immigrants’ children at private schools strictly for the privileged.  The attitude is reflected by the popular Australian TV drama featuring a rich girl at private school with mega sense of entitlement.  Her famous line is ‘Asians are losers’ and the Chinese students are bullied and portrayed as an ugly geek without class.  Some criticized the show but the fact that its series 2 was produced

Part 3 of Discrimination around me(身近の差別第三)

Over the long years I have caught buses many a times I was stopped by the driver to check if I had paid for the ticket.  The driver would hear a beep signaling that someone had inserted an outdated ticket.  Each time it was the Australian passenger who got on right before me, but the driver would always suspect me, the Asian.  None of them apologized when I showed them a valid ticket.  It was a different story when the driver was an ethnic.  The Australian passengers would pretend to have inserted their ticket or simply walk pass by the ethnic driver with disdain taking for granted that the coloured lots would not argue with the Australians passengers.    This mild degree of racism was tolerable until recently when the Australian passengers would openly slander the immigrants within the hearing distance of the driver and other immigrants.  This behavior is observed mainly among the senior Australians.  The young would occasionally have a go at French but their main target is also ethni

Part 2 of Discrimination around me (私の身の回りの差別第二回)「

In my last post I mentioned of the neighbors who played a dirty trick on me.  I cannot go into the details of the scam as the leading conman was a lawyer, expelled from the Law Society but still a lawyer.  Let’s just say my dream to live in a modest comfortable apartment was dashed by those Australians who were old enough to be my father and mother.  My finance suffered a big dent that I had to stay on and work harder to earn it back.  Running back to my parents and make them sad was never an option, so I soldiered on in Sydney despite the horrendous experience.  Years later, I got it out of my system by incorporating the experience in my graphic novels, The Third Red Apple.  That blasted lawyer is casted as Mr. Sincere in my story.   While I was stuck in Sydney I tried to make the most of it by looking for positive.  I realized what I should have known at the beginning: local Australians do not owe immigrants life.  The life is full of hardships for everyone, Australians not excluded.

Part 1 of Discrimination around me (私の身の回りの差別第一回)

To be fair, some Australians have tried to befriend immigrants.  They are the reasons that kept my hope alive.  However, some immigrants are surprisingly full of sense of entitlement and demand more privileges.  Immigrants blame the Australians for not respecting their culture while the Australians feel theirs that has been passed down from the British ignored.    But after living in a multi-national society for years I might say that it is not about culture at all.  You can enjoy a culture, but you can still detest the people who created it.  There have been millions of culture exchange events and friendly games that sent people to euphoria but on the following day hate and disdain returned to rule the reality.  Some even stole other people’s culture and would pass it on as theirs.     First thing you notice after you step out of your plane will be distinct aboriginal arts pretty much everywhere.  You would think as Australians had embraced the aboriginals’ culture, they were friends.

Double Roasted Pork in tropical Penang, Malaysia(熱帯ペナン島の二度焼き チャーシュウ)

Mr. Somerset Maugham’s praise for the generous Malays is endorsed by the huge Chinese community in Malaysia and Singapore.  It is not my place to speculate the reasons why so many Chinese people decided to leave their homeland behind, but it is good that the Malays have helped them find happiness in the new adopted land.  On the small island of Penang, one gets the impression that there are more Chinese temples than any other religious houses of prayer.  That is the power of China and where do they get it from?  Fantastic food!   Tek Sen: 18-20 Carnavon Street, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia  is surprisingly clean inside.  Their Double Cooked Pork is AMAZING.    They pour some sweet sauce over before grilling the pork again.  I may be wrong, but you won’t really care when it tastes so good. For those who prefer spicy food, try their other signature dish, vegetable and pork fried with bean paste and chili.  Now, please allow me to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have final