Double Roasted Pork in tropical Penang, Malaysia(熱帯ペナン島の二度焼き チャーシュウ)

Mr. Somerset Maugham’s praise for the generous Malays is endorsed by the huge Chinese community in Malaysia and Singapore.  It is not my place to speculate the reasons why so many Chinese people decided to leave their homeland behind, but it is good that the Malays have helped them find happiness in the new adopted land.  On the small island of Penang, one gets the impression that there are more Chinese temples than any other religious houses of prayer.  That is the power of China and where do they get it from?  Fantastic food!   Tek Sen: 18-20 Carnavon Street, Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia  is surprisingly clean inside.  Their Double Cooked Pork is AMAZING.    They pour some sweet sauce over before grilling the pork again.  I may be wrong, but you won’t really care when it tastes so good. For those who prefer spicy food, try their other signature dish, vegetable and pork fried with bean paste and chili.  Now, please allow me to slip in PR for my graphic novels which have final

Black Pepper Crab in Singapore(シンガポールで黒胡椒カニ)

After stuffing myself with vegetarian galore in Darwin I flew to Singapore , the Peranakan (Fusion of Malay and Chinese culture) gem of South Asia.  I love pastel Peranakan colour that matches the sweet soft air of Singapore.  I started the day with Kaya toast, slathered with coconut milk jam, and a coffee.  Ya Kun Kaya is such a famous breakfast institution that requires no explanation. I couldn’t remember how many times I had visited Singapore, but there was still one delicacy I had not tried—Singapore Black Pepper Crab.  More famous is Singapore Chili Crab but I hear the Black pepper version is quite popular among the locals.  The only problem is that it is pricy.  So I had to economize on accommodation which is tricky in this expensive city.  Like Sydney, Singapore has attracted many immigrants pushing up the property and consequently its living cost.  The only thing still cheap here is taxi fare so I caught one to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at 1018 East Coast Parkway , famou

Going vegetarian in a tropical winter(熱帯の冬は健康的に菜食を)

The readers of my blog may remember that I visited Darwin , the kingdom of crocodiles, but had to break up the travel journey and insert Christmas and New year posts.  Today I resume where I left off.  Actually it was my second visit and I did all the sight-seeing the first time round.  My mom was petrified of the crocs which was odd as she adores hand bags made of crocodile skin.  In fact I had seen her tiny body sporting not one but three reptile skin bags over the years.    The purpose of my second visit to the top end of Australia was their fresh fruits and vegetables.  Considering its location which is closer to Indonesia than other states in Australia, my heart was set on some spicy Asian vegetarian curry.  Lucky for me, and tourists in general, the popular vegetarian eatery Eat At Martin’s (6 Caryota court, Coconut Grove. N.T 0810) is close to the airport so you can enjoy it between your flights.  Their Bali curry was the TOP!  Better than any veggie curry I ever had in Sydne

Azulejos in Lisbon, Portugal: Souvenir shopping antique tiles at bargain prices

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Best Pancakes in Sydney-Summer Christmas (Part5)絶品パンケーキとシドニー 真夏のクリスマス

Hello from the Santa Bread.  Pancakes recipes are varied: plain milk classic; fluffy buttermilk type; thin French crepes; fat layers of ricotta cheese with whipped egg white.  Lucky for us Brasserie Bread is now offering a new type made with sour dough batter.  The cafe happens to be located near Sydney Kingsford Airport so tourists too can enjoy one of the most popular cafés in Sydney during the transit.  Now as I have been repeating in my Blog, Sydney property prices have hiked that young talents may often need to start outside the city center.  Therefore, do not be put off by its location.  The food is excellent here and I hear the city folks drive over to queue for this cafe in the weekend.  The exterior is unassuming, but push the door in and you will be met with the crusty flavor of the award-winning sour dough breads.  The wall is adorned with the certificate of the awards.  So let’s start with their Slow cooked pork with sweet potato hash accompanied by two slices of the celebr

Horny prawns and Summer Christmas in Sydney- part 3 シドニー真夏のクリス マスとエッチな海老

Look at those two plump prawns in the photo sitting there in the bowl looking innocent.  However, it evokes a not so innocent memory in me.   Years ago I caught a taxi and as soon as I got into the car, he opened with how prawns made him horny.   Now it was 06:30 am in the morning and I assure you I had said nothing to prompt him in that direction but the driver kept going on about his wife putting prawns in his curry every day.  ‘It makes me horny, I can’t help it!  Y'know what I mean?’  Certainly not and I tried to change the subject several times, but the driver insisted on bellowing even louder ‘I’m horny all the time!’  And this went on non-stop for the duration of the 30 minutes cab ride from Sydney Airport.  I had to get off a block away from where I lived just in case he was making an aggressive overture to me.  To prevent him from knowing my real address, I had to drag my heavy luggage cursing all the way to home.  I really did not need that after my nine-hours flight.  An