As long as I can remember, I hated shopping for outfits despite being a girl.  My mother had to bribe me with sweet treats to get me out of the house.  But once we entered the shop, I would look around for a chair to sit down.  I would much prefer to be strolling down a farmers’ market.   Aussi longtemps que je me souvienne, je déteste le shopping bien que je sois fille/femme.  Ma mère a dû me corrompre avec des pâtisseries pour me venir avec elle aux magasins.  Mais dès que nous sommes entrés dans la boutique, je voudrais chercher une chaise.  I was initially hesitant to move to Paris, the capital of fashion and love ... or until I found this article that said '50% of Parisians are single’.  Apparently they had given up on love. So I arrived expecting 50% Parisians to have stopped making efforts.  But no.  Even men dress beautiful.  I soon learnt that bosses in Paris can fire you if you are not well dressed.  Teens are bullied if not dressed in mode.  Incredible!  But it is my mot

Part 2 Sense of Entitlement (フランス人が苦悩から得た教訓)

Spring is upon Paris.  The street vendors are selling yellow narcisss.  It’s only 2 Euros, so why not?  I thought.   They say that the French are exclusive, but so far only the French people have been straight with me and even kind.  I had to speak some French before that happened, but the personality shift made in appreciation of my respecting their language was incredible.  Sure, the other immigrants in France speak better French than I do, but are they more respective of the French values?   The other day, I bought some vegetables at an outdoor market.  I was rather suspicious of cheap price tags at this stall, but I was ready to comprise on quality and chose to economize.  He was not a French, but I always give everyone a chance.  The price was double to what I had expected.  The French would show me the bill, but this non-French did not.  So I pretended not to have understood French and did not pay till he showed me the bill.  When he did I took it from him and there it was.  He h

Sense of Entitlement; La souffrance des Français: Version française est au milieu (フランス人が至った災難)

I might prefer ‘menace’ over ‘sense of Entitlement’ because with ‘love and patience’ we may be able to convert the menacing people, but those with ‘sense of entitlement’ will just feed off others’ love and patience.    I have not lived among French people long enough to assume anything about them, but the sense of entitlement of some immigrants is all too familiar.  While I lived in Australia, I witnessed their values and even their safety got comprised by some ever demanding immigrants.  Worse were their off-springs who no longer considered themselves to be immigrants, nor respective Australian citizens either, but someone better who deserved more than others.  Their demands made to the government were all too much, even for me, another immigrant.   All that I thought I left it behind when I moved to Europe, but NO.  One indication can be found in the recent election result.  More French people have turned ‘right’ because they fear for their ever depreciating French values in their ow

Lunar Year Festival; you never know what life has in store for you (人生 一寸先は謎)

I had come down with flu, a vicious kind that saw some French people hospitalized, or bedridden for a week at least, but I glanced at this amulet provided by the Shrine of White Serpent, the guardian of finance and health.  It may have nothing to do with the fact I recovered fast from my flu, but its mental boost was helpful.  Another factor that contributed to my fast recovery was Chinese energy transmittable to even non-Chinese like me.  The blasting thunder of Lunar New Year Festival was upon us!   Like a kid, I followed the lions around for one hour.  Half of me was ashamed for not having grown out of childishness, but the other half was giddy with delight soaking up all the energy of Chinese crowd.  I was remembering my last Lunar New Year Festival.  I was celebrating it with my mother at Nagasaki, Japan.  Little did I know that a year later I would be in Paris.  I am not getting younger, but life still surprises me.  One must never be complacent, but may not need to give into des

Congrats, Australia (時ならぬ心のさざ波)

和文の続きはコメント欄に書きました。短いので別のエントリーポストを作るほどでもなかったので先週ご覧になった読者は下のコメント欄までスコロール願います。 Finally, finally, Cahil of Australia got to lift the big trophy!  He had always deserved better but somehow the glory kept eluding him because of bad luck.  He was not getting younger so I had been sadly resigned for some time.  Sure he was the man who sank Japanese team a few times, but I respected his caring side in his private life.  Well, not exactly private since it had made it into press, but he seemed to have carried himself with warmth and integrity.  That does not happen very often so I became his fan. The final of Asian Cup 2015 took place in Sydney.  How that sounds so far away.  The place where I spent a good chunk of my life evoked no sentiment inside me, and yet I was crying.  I cried for Cahil’s long due glory.  I had to replay the video of Socceroos leaping with joy holding the trophy over and over in my apartment in Paris.  Each time tears will quietly flow down because after countless heartach

the journey of Sweet and Potatoe

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Mr. Obama may have been also right about Je Suis Charlie; M. Obama a peut-être eu raison; 日本人の中にも潜むテロ思想

We were instructed to write a composition at class about Parisians, but as I had not been around long enough to make a justified observation, I opted to write about a recent event by which Paris influenced the world.  What else but ’Je Suis Charlie’ parade’.  The American government had to apologize to the French President for not having attended the parade after the backlash that came even from among their own citizens.  However, Mr. Obama may have made the right decision by not attending as it would have put the thousands of participants at risk.  Mr. Obama has to be the cherry prize for the enemies of USA that some of them would have thought that this was the event worthy of dying for…literally.  The wives and the daughters of some who would have been the representatives of USA, might have wished for the safety of their loved ones.     That is love, and surely love must also have the right to be expressed instead of being labelled cowards or disgrace. After all, American public figu