The Rules of Retribution (1)

My profile would cover many minority groups that I’ve been harassed on many levels throughout my life. But retribution eventually manifested, which inspired me to tell this story. 

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 71

A weird thing happened two weeks ago.   Mme. Landlord who had sold her apartment was seen wondering in the garbage room of the building.   Of course, I nearly screamed.   What is it with this woman and her obsession with the garbage?   I have heard that the French people are not big on cleanness, but this still felt extreme.   It gave me a shudder when she looked at me and smiled a little, as if she had run into an old friend.   This was the woman who sent an abusive slander about me to everyone in the building last month.   What did she expect from me? I returned her greeting politely but coldly and walked past her without slowing down.   No more the usual and well-known Japanese warm smile.   I am a traditional Japanese woman who would tolerate condescension, selfishness, impoliteness, what have you, for a very long time, but once we have burnt the bridge, you do not exist to us.   I am not morally above revenge, but mere breathing of the same air with the disappointing person ma

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 70

I was making a move back from Japan to Paris last weekend thus I could not update my blog.   Today I am going to make it up by writing a fairly long post. As always the writer Christopher commented  that ‘compensation junkie’ would be stopped one day.   That is very likely on an individual level and the family level.   Even the company taken over by compensation junkies may be stopped albeit it will be more difficult.   However, when the plague spread nationwide…the history tells us it has happened several times, other nations will seize the opportunity to invade a self-weaken nation whose people have lost the will to endeavour.   Why would you want to be industrious when a bunch of social moochers are fed free while increasing your burden to support the system?   As a history buff, I read books and articles and found several traits that were common among those compensation junkies:  1)      They bend to the powerhouse like USA or the Great China.   However, to the less threaten

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 69

I am grateful for the encouragement I received that I may deserve compensation from Mr. Pride.   I too would agree that children and the adults whose ability to rebuild their lives was destroyed should be compensated.   However, I have also witnessed the curse of ‘compensation’ on several occasions. One was this man I met through his grandmother in Sydney, Australia.   As he entered the door a certain heaviness spread into the room. He smiled repeatedly, but meaninglessly which put me on guard rather than feeling warmed by it.   He was frequently hanging around at his grandmother’s place during the daytime without a proper job.   He dressed youngish but on a closer look you would notice wrinkles on his face.   In short, something about him was not right.   His left arm was temporary immobile for he just came out from an accident.   ‘Of course, he needs to be compensated’, said his grandmother.   Peculiar thing was that it was his third accident which seemed to have happened recurre

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 68

Miss Harmonie will be categorized into predator as she bulldozes her way.  She applied the similar attitude with her own chef and the good one quitted.  She was not attracting clients fast enough during the regular dining hours that Mme. Harmonie opted to extend it to midnight.   For this she should have applied for a Service Continu license that allows long hours.   It would cost her money and never the one to play by book, Mme. Harmonie avoided the problem by announcing the new late opening hours on the social media site only.   Decent restaurants would be upfront about it on their menu on their windows, but not Mme. Harmonie.    Now, it is universally acquiesced that food is mediocre at the long hour bar-restaurants.   People may have thought that the restaurant from Hell had to open late because they could not attract serious diners who would sit down for three courses meals during the regular hours.   Mme. Harmonie used her media connection and obtained many good reviews, but it

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 67

I started looking for a new apartment, but suddenly Mme. Landlord sold the apartment I was living to one Italian couple.  They were seeking investment properties and it suited them that a tenant (me)  was already there.   I had had enough of the restaurant from Hell, but one decisive factor was that I would not need to report the change of address to the French Government.  In order to extend my visa, continuity was considered important.  Besides I had already invested in insulation materials, I might as well stay.   I could not update my blog last week because of the pain in my wrist.  It is healing slowly, but the pain returns whenever I stress it.  But my mind was busy analyzing each harmonious character in my true horror stories in this modern Paris.  Let me start with Mme. Landlord, the ruthless whipper of the weak while pretending to be their saviour.  How does such a personality develop? The clue may be in the fact that she was not a born Parisian.  Every city has a hierar

The true horror stories in modern Paris part 66

A French lawyer would naturally be biased as I was his client, but still the genuine shock on his face was enough proof that Mme. Landlord had behaved without honour according to the French standards.    My French lawyer was indignant that an aged woman who was a grandmother of many grandchildren should have chosen to exploit a migrant young enough to be her daughter.    My lawyer suspected Mme. Landlord would repeat her antics with me, so his legal letter to her covered many grounds.     My painting labour alone would have cost Mme. Landlord 5000 euros had she employed a professional.   My lawyer halved it out of good faith.   He wished to demand her for the injury on my wrist because it has affected my career and would continue to do so in future, but as I left France immediately after the injury to accompany my fragile mother back to Japan, it would be difficult to prove the liability of Mme. Landlord.   While he was finalizing his legal letter, Mme. Landlord bombarded me wit